Ullman Sails

Ullman Sails in South Russia


Sailmaking workshop was opened in 2003 by Pavel Vostrokonov and Alexey Yaroshevich. Pavel began his work in sailmaking since 1991 year, Alexey joined in 1998.
In 2003, the two became partners in Activcentre.
In 2010, partners became the owners of a license to manufacture Ullman Sails.
With 20 years of experience in sailmaking, Pavel and Alexey are known throughout Russia for quality sails and reliable service.
The team also has a distinguished record on the racecourse – Pavel is a past Flying Dutchman national champion and both have won several offshore races in the Quarter-Ton class.

Pavel Vostrokonov Alexey Yaroshevich

Ullman Sails production.

 SMAR AzureProduction starts from design. UllmanSail engineers use “SMAR Azure” software and they own experence in racing and cruise sailing to design the new sail.

Only quality materials and sailclothes from manufacturers such as Contender, Dimension Polyant, Bainbridge, Rutgerson.

Total quality control – always.

We always treat carefully to detail, every order – individual.